New Gracie Hart Novels from Diane Allen

The latest two books, written by me under the name of Gracie Hart, started when I attended the Romantic Novelist’s conference in Leeds eighteen months ago. It was whilst enjoying a glass of a very refreshing gin and tonic when the idea came to me – I must add, it was just the one! Gillian, my publisher at Ebury, just happened to mention how gin had become very popular of late. It was with these words that The Gin Girls started to develop in my mind, and with a new contract dually signed I wrote the first chapter to see if my agent and Gillian thought it was suitable. Now I’d love to share the fruits of my labours with you, with this quick taster of the first book in the two-book deal.

A Mother’s Ruin by Gracie Hart – When 18-year-old Eve runs away from her small village to start a new life in the growing town of Leeds, she quickly discovers it is not everything she expected it to be. Wandering the cold streets in search of shelter, timid Eve can only find work as a barmaid at the Bluebell Inn – a place her strict parents would never approve of.

Serving ale and cheap gin to the rowdy crowd, Eve eventually catches the eye of dashing Sergeant John Oates – but his attentions are not honourable, and he will leave her with more than just a broken heart …

The Gin Palace Girls is due to be published later in the year, and continues the story of Eve and her daughter Mary.

I hope that you enjoy my gritty saga’s set in Leeds. They definitely keep me out of mischief when I’m writing them. Although, I may add that a few gins were drunk, all in keeping with valued research, you understand!

With warmest Wishes, Gracie, aka Diane Allen

2 thoughts on “New Gracie Hart Novels from Diane Allen

  1. Lesley Mcdonald

    I’ve just read gin palace girl is there a book to follow this one.

    • Limestone Books

      As far as I know, no, there is not a follow up to this book at the moment. Have you read any of the other Gracie Hart books? The Girl from Pit Lane, The Child Left Behind, The Girl Who Came from Rags? Or how about the Diane Allen books? If you’d like to order anything please email

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